Richard Habib


Alexander’s Rugs in Mill Valley, California are experts in sales, appraisals and restoration for all forms of rugs from ancient to modern. Founder of Alexanders Artisan Rugs + Artisan Looms formerly Alexanders Decorative Rugs~ Richard Habib is a Noted Authority/ Expert on the many Aspects of Carpets  & Rugs Middle Eastern/North Africa/ European/Central Asian/ Asian including History/ Production/ Design/ Structure/ Certified Appraiser/ Lecturer/ Contributing Author on Numerous Articles. Virtually any form of decorative, antique or historical rug can be found. With modern carpets, all of the most progressive and sustainably sound materials and weaving practices are deeply understood. Custom, made-to-order rugs can be created to fit any concept or idea.

What My Clients Have To Say…

Richard Habib, owner of Alexander’s Decorative Rugs knows his stuff. Even that sentence is an gross understatement. His knowledge and customer service goes above and beyond what one would normally expect from, well, anyone in the retail industry.

I gave Richard “the challenge” which he says he just loves. I had a rug, a piece passed down to me from my mother when she died that was an incredible tea washed hand knotted silk rug worth, well, let’s not talk about it. Let’s just say it wasn’t cheap. It was ruined. Piled up in a ball in the trunk of my car, stained and dirty. It’s uneven tea wash covered the beautiful pattern from when I had it cleaned last, and they cleaned it incorrectly. It had pet urine on it, cat piss, to be exact. We all know how much that stuff just reeks to all hell too. I figured it was done. Garbage. I was about to throw it away. Then I called Richard at his showroom and explained my predicament. You see, silk rugs are different than wool. They need to be cleaned in a totally different manner, and most people won’t work with silk, just the wool. Richard told me to drive by his showroom. He even came out to my car opened the rug up with no fear of it’s stench, and told me, I can’t get rid of this, it’s much too valuable and is completely worth cleaning. He proceeded to remove it from my trunk, take it upstairs and told me he’d call me in a month and began work on “the impossible”.

Well today was that grand day where I saw the rug. It looks better than when it was even purchased. The silk glows and the tea wash is perfect. There is no cat odor and no stains. It’s absolutely beautiful. Just a fantastic piece. Richard worked so hard to make sure that it was redone exceptionally. I couldn’t ask for more, and I can’t refer anyone any higher.

Danielle S.
San Francisco